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Christmas: A Time of Choice for Change

A Christmas Tree - Symbol of the Tree of Life

A Christmas Tree – Symbol of the Tree of Life

Now is the time of the winter solstice and new birth, and at this beginning of another cycle of the son’s return to inspire and invigorate us, we have the choice to change and grow. Each year, we have the opportunity to learn from the pains and anxieties that have so far both dominated and restricted our daily lives, and start to see them from a less ego centered negative perspective.

This shift in perception can be a sudden event, but for most of us it means setting our feet on a path, which has (usually) seven stages. These stages are my people (Native Americans) called a Sacred Hoop of Learning, taking them forward to the place where we all began and where mankind knew itself to be a Unity.

Each traditional teaching has given us its own way of learning the value of each step on the path. For Native Americans, the metaphor of the ‘whirling rainbow’ of seven coloured lights is used to cleanse and heal those negativities, which dog our path on the way to the golden door of Unity.

In a similar way the use of coloured lights to decorate Christmas trees, symbol of the Tree of Life, lead eyes upwards to a white or golden star of enlightenment at its topmost branch. The symbol of the medicine wheel with its seven stages named after the points of the compass and above, below and within, allows us to see how we may move forward towards life of greater Trust, Abundance and Compassion; while Christianity speaks of seven negativities (or sins) being replaced by Seven Graces or Gifts of the Spirit, which are embodied in Jesus as representing the true essence of mankind. This is the Love and Goodwill towards all Creation, which we celebrate on his birthday.

Wishing you all a MERRY Christmas and may the New Year bring Love, Joy and Compassion to you.

’til we meet again,

Walk in Beauty;
Walk in Peace.

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Causing the Miraculous by Spreading Beauty, Truth & Harmony

Johnathan Brooks, MAC, PG Dip is a Life Coach who has trained in a wide range of personal development treatment methods including the “Power Therapies” (CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (postgrad), EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, Master NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming) and has a Post Graduate Diploma in ‘Coaching and NLP’ which he passed with a ‘Commendation’. And is based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

He is a full member of the Association for Coaching (MAC), Gold member of The Professional Guild of NLP and a member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council.

Dealing With Alcoholism

Alcoholics have to want help

On my return of my very first trip back from the Northern Cheyenne Reservation, summer of 1985, I had seen first hand what alcohol had done to the Native Americans. It took over four weeks back in Kent, England before I would touch a drop of alcohol again. I even thought for a while that pubs were blood money, I had that much anger about what it had done to my people.

One summer, I had a romance with a descendant of a famous Chief, by the following summer, when I went to visit her to let her know that I was back, her parents had no idea where she was and she hadn’t been back home for a few days. So I asked the younger brothers and sisters where she was and borrowed the parent’s pick-up truck to look for her. The kids would never tell their parents where she was, but would tell me.

We found her in the middle nowhere, as far as I was concerned, in what is called a ‘party house’, usually windows broken and really just a drinker’s den. She was lying asleep in the sweltering August afternoon heat and in the other room lay another older woman, both comatosed. I lifted and carried the daughter and dumped her in the back of the pick-up and drove her home. The parents pleased with my find, put her into her bedroom to sleep. There was nothing more I could do so I returned a couple of days later to see how she was to find that she was gone again. She had chosen alcohol over seeing me again. What a difference, twelve months make. So I left it, I wasn’t going down that road with her, I had to be strong.

It’s true to say on the physical level that alcohol is addictive and effects the emotional level as well. But you could also say that there’s an alcohol problem if it effects your relationships.

Many spiritual leaders and mind-body specialists now believe alcoholism is a physical manifestation of a rejection and denial of the Self. According to this perspective many alcoholics tend to be fleeing themselves or some part of themselves, refusing to confront their deep-rooted fear and shame, self-loathing, and/or inadequacy to love themselves.

Understandably, this mode of belief appears to challenge the notion that alcoholism is a disease over which the afflicted has no control. One problem with that notion, however, is that it feeds into the sense most alcoholics have of being “out of control” over themselves and their lives. Dealing with alcoholism from a mind-body perspective empowers the individual to affect positive, proactive changes in their innermost being that will presumably then reflect outwardly in positive, proactive change in their lives.

As an exercise for dealing with alcoholism on a spiritual level, try this:

1. Find a private room where you can lock the door and will not be disturbed.

2. Stand in front of a mirror – a full-length mirror is best. It is also best if you are naked, but this is something you can work up to as you practice this exercise over time.

3. Look yourself in the eyes and say aloud: “I love you.”

4. Now stay silent and breathe and listen to the denials, objections, rejections, refusals, contradictions, mockery, and all other negative statements that come up between you and the full acceptance of this statement.

5. Without judgment, without reaction, simply take a deep breathe into your belly and release all that negativity with a loud, expulsive sigh: “Ahh!”

6. Then look yourself in the eyes again, and again make that same statement aloud, “I love you.” It’s important to find something good about yourself, because you are a part of life. If you can’t love yourself, then you can’t love life.

7. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 until you are able to hear that statement and take it in without judgment, without rejection, without negation. It may take some time, but it will happen.

8. Then try this exercise with other statements, like: “I forgive myself,” “I’m worth it,” “I am good enough,” “I am in control of my actions, my life,” etc.

The beauty of this exercise is that it helps inure you to the triggers for alcoholic behaviour while working to reshape the very patterns of thought and feeling that fed this beast alcohol addiction. The more you look those patterns in the face, the weaker that beast becomes and the less power it has over you.

Also, EFT really helps with addictions. Please feel free to call me at my Tunbridge Wells, Kent life coaching practice if you’d like a free 30 min consultation to see how I can help.  This is one road I can go down with you.

’til we meet again,

Walk in Beauty;
Walk in Peace.

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Causing the Miraculous by Spreading Beauty, Truth & Harmony

Johnathan Brooks, MAC, PG Dip is a Life Coach who has trained in a wide range of personal development treatment methods including the “Power Therapies” (CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (postgrad), EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, Master NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming) and has a Post Graduate Diploma in ‘Coaching and NLP’ which he passed with a ‘Commendation’. And is based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

He is a full member of the Association for Coaching (MAC) and is a Gold member of The Professional Guild of NLP.

How We Heal

This week I’ve invited Trace A. DeMeyer to write as my guest blogger. Trace is co-author of ‘Two Worlds: Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects’. If you remember, this was the book where I wrote and contributed a chapter about my adoption story.

Two Worlds: Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects

Trace found me on Twitter after I had twittered, “If you want to know more about me, read this” with a link to a feature article of an interview I gave, in the best selling monthly magazine ‘Spirit & Destiny’. So the book is a product of social media. It’s amazing how social media brought together 17 adopted Native Americans to write their stories in their own words in this very informative and sad book. I say sad because after reading it, one is left wondering why non-Native Americans even bothered to adopt the children, who somehow felt that as a white race that they were more superior than the Native Americans, to treat them the way some of the stories are told. Unfortunately, a theme throughout history not only in North America but also in Africa, Australia and India etc.

By Trace A. DeMeyer, author of One Small Sacrifice and Two Worlds: Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects

For many years, Indigenous people were subjected to inhumane conquest while the tribes were referred to as murdering hostile savages. That mindset was deeply embedded in many people, shown in movies and it’s hard to erase that damaging image in history or books slanted nicely to the conqueror.

One missed lesson in this history: the most crucial goal of the nation builders in North America was to gain complete control of the land, and to achieve that goal, these governments targeted removing children from their tribal lands and First Nation families. For a few centuries, this method went on (using residential boarding schools and adoptions).  In Canada it was called the Sixties Scoop. Few people are aware tribal children were targets for assimilation by using non-Indian parents who adopted them. Thousands of children were lost to adoption in North America.  Parents also succumbed to pressure by non-Indian social workers to let other people adopt and raise their children.

Indigenous people knew what was happening with the dismantling of tribes and tried for seven years to have the United States Congress hear their testimony and in 1974 tribal leaders finally shared their stories of lost children which lead to the passage of the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978. That federal act was good news for Indian Country. With this law, Indian parents would place the child in their own family so a family member in the tribe would adopt them and if that was not possible, another tribe would adopt the baby. Kinship adoption was thought to be the best option for baby and family. Why? Tribes rely on future generations to carry on tradition and culture and language.

How we heal from this history is to know this happened to children. We can find ways to repatriate these children back to their tribes and help them to reconnect. We can unseal their adoption records and enroll these children as members of their tribes. Sharing the truth about the Indian Adoption Projects will assure these governments never attempt this again. That is how we heal.

Trace A. DeMeyer
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Although all Christmases are hollowed by those who are professed Christians, this year has particular importance for all mankind, many of whom hold their own special festival around this time.

This year, because of the cyclical nature of the energies of our universe, offers a time of particular opportunity for man to enter a new era of growing awareness of the true nature of our world. (See previous post /?p=389 )

This could be described as taking a significant step along our evolutionary spiral path towards what Pierre Praderrand in his beautiful book ‘The Gentle Art of Blessing’ calls a greater awareness “of the unlimited good embedded in the very texture of the universe.”

I could here stop writing this message apart from urging you to obtain the book as gift to yourself, and extra copies to hand out or lend to the many people who feel hopeless about attracting more goodness, love, joy and a sense of wholeness into their daily lives – and that means a very great many of us, but I would also like to add a personal note and tell you about the Christmas blessing of new hope that has recently come to me through the re-telling of an old prophecy from the Amazonian and Inca peoples, (Lynne Twist’s book ‘ The Soul of Money’ and Barbara Marx Hubbard’s book ‘Birth 2012 and Beyond’)

As some of you may know, my birth parents were Native Americans (First Nations). I was adopted out of my tribes (Cheyenne & Cree) by a white couple in America, and later fostered by another couple in England. As you can imagine I was very unsure as to where I really belonged.

It was while I was writing a chapter on my life for an American book called, ‘Two Worlds: Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects’ (published by Blue Hand Books 2012) that I became more aware of the differences in outlook of my two worlds.

On the one hand, I realised part of the anguish felt by indigenous people as they lost their personal identity in the gradual genocide of their tribe by absorption into other cultures, was to do with their separation from the rest of the created world – their brothers and sisters, the family of Mother Earth; while on the other hand, the more technological peoples’ side seemed to behave as if only they mattered as they wished, Father Thomas Berry calls this ‘Species Isolation’ (

These two types of people were called in the prophecy, the Condor and the Eagle people. The Condor people were those who perceived life through the five senses and the heart, and were grounded in the spirit world. They were at risk of survival through their encounters with the Eagle people.

The Eagle people were those who perceived life through the mind, and in spite of great wealth, were also in peril of surviving. In their case because of the spiritual impoverishment.

The coming together of these two (the Head and the Heart) into what is called elsewhere, the Universal Human, was said to take place at the beginning of the third millennium – which is now, and will eventually bring a new era of ‘balance’ and ‘light’.

Chief Seattle said, “This we know, the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family.”

I think you will agree there are some hopeful signs that man is becoming more ecologically responsible and less self centered, and is using technology for the greater good. He is showing more compassion for suffering humanity whatever its culture. There are beginnings of unity and wholeness. I send all the blessings of Christmas to help us on the long way we have still to go.

M-E-R-R-Y Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love & Blessings


PS: For those who think this is all too way out (Eagle people), I would like to assure them I try to keep up to date with reports on the worlds’ future from NASA as well as those from the ancient wise ones!